Frequently Asked Questions

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Atlantic Bank is online banking that gives you access to banking services and allows you to manage your accounts from your mobile phone. Atlantic Bank comes with useful features such as balance enquiry, funds transfer within own accounts/3rd party Atlantic Bank accounts/other local banks accounts, transaction history, bill payment, international remittance and RMB pre-settlement. All Atlantic Bank customers holding at least one of the following accounts and with existing Personal Online Banking access can bank via a. Current or Savings Account(s) b. Fixed Deposit(s) c. Credit Card(s) d. Mortgage Loan(s)

Yes. You can access Atlantic Bank anywhere as long as you have a connection to the internet via your mobile device. Please note that you may incur roaming data charges while overseas. Please check with your service provider for data charges that may apply.

Please send us a mail at Info@atlanticbnb.com Please contact our 24-hour customer service hotline at:- +1 (213) 338-3887 Bank address: Frederick Street 75 Nassau BAHAMAS